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Transfer for your convenience!

For your convenience, we have a transfer service that will take you to the ski-base “Too-Ashuu” and back to Bishkek.

What is a ski transfer?

This is a specialized taxi from the location of the tourist to the ski base. Transfer can be booked in advance on a certain date. Most travelers choose sedans or minibusses for 7 people because they travel to the ski resort by their family or company.

A lot of tourists choose a ski transfer instead of the usual transport, and for that there are several reasons:

Big company

To the ski resort “Too-Ashuu” tourists often travel in a large and friendly company. For such large companies, we have special 4 drive beads with all the permits of the traffic police for the transportation of passengers on the Too-Ashuu pass in the winter.

Ski equipment

Often tourists go to the ski resort with their inventory: skis, snowboards, equipment. In addition to the fact that the equipment is heavy, it takes an extra place and in transport there is simply no place to put skis. You run the risk of not only traveling with your equipment on your lap, but also completely breaking expensive equipment. Our transports have special places and attachments for ski equipment.

Why book a ski transfer in advance??

Transfer should be booked in advance at least to ensure that our managers have time to find and prepare for you exactly the one that is needed. In addition, having paid the reservation ahead of time, you do not need to do this at the last moment before the trip, when you can get so wrapped up that you forget about the question “how to get there” at all.

How to book a ski transfer in advance?

1. Decide the traffic route.

2. Calculate how many passengers (and children among them) will be. How many pieces of luggage.

3. Choose the machine of the desired capacity and calculate the cost of the transfer.

4. Order a ski shuttle.

5. Make a prepayment or pay for the order in full, in accordance with the current price, by e-wallet or in our office.

For your special requirements, we offer only the highest standard

  • Mercedes, Honda for safe driving in all weather conditions
  • Experienced drivers who will safely navigate the pass </ li>
  • Satellite location with real-time traffic information to avoid traffic jams and roadblocks
  • Mini-van Mercedes with a capacity of up to 7 passengers with luggage
  • Ski carriers on cars for your ski equipment
  • Beads up to 18 people

Private transfer to the ski resort and it’s advantages:

  • the car is reserved exclusively for you
  • you will be taken directly from home
  • there are no unnecessary stops, detours and waiting

Having ordered a transfer, all you have to do is relax and enjoy the scenic landscape.

We will take care of your luggage. Time is precious, and you should enjoy every second during your holiday.

For all questions related to the organization of the transfer, you can contact us by phone +996 770 797 480 or

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